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Sirius - Car Lift Traction MRL

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This is the solution when elevator equipment with a machine room is not suitable either for hydraulic or electrical type. 

The compact dimensions of the shaft, together with the use of gearless motor give a unique result both for the quality of movement and for saving energy.

This type of equipment is ideal for multistory parking buildings and shopping centers where there is no possibility to have machinery machinery space.

The main finish is powder coating and stainless steel. 

For car dealers, an exclusive version of the panoramic cabin has been designed. 

This type of finishing turns an ordinary elevator into a pearl of your business and will give the room an unusual charm, making an indelible impression on your customers.


1. Travel

Max. 45m

2. Dimensions

Min. Pit 1400mm

Min. Headroom 4300mm

3. Nominal Speed

Max. 1,6 m/sec 

4. Specifications

Low Pit 

Low Headroom

Minimal Shaft Dimensions

Energy Efficient

Great Robustness

5. Capacity

Max. 3500kg

6. Norms

EN 81-1 / EN 81-20/50

ТР ТС 011/2011


About Company

VIGOR is a technically oriented industrial company, specialized in lift designing and manufacturing. It was founded by a team of mechanical and electrical engineers with long experience in Elevator Business with its main focus being to provide reliable, easy-to-install and operate, products to its customers.

Quality Management

Vigor has established and maintains a Quality Management System that is in conformance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Its purpose is the continuous upgrading of the company procedures aiming to the customer's satisfaction improvement. The Quality Management System includes the organizational structure and processes, documented procedures and means required for the implementation of the Quality Management. It ensures the auditing of all processes of the company, either internal or delegated to third parties.

After Sales Service

Although Sales Department is often considered to stop after the product has been shipped, this is more than often wrong. After Sales Service is a key player in a company, as it provides a powerful tool to keep Customers satisfied and make them feel secured. Continuous and prompt After Sales Service is a major advantage of a manufacturer that needs to have direct communication with the installation teams. We currently have English, German and Russian speaking After Sales Technicians that can guide installers through any question asked.

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